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Autumn 2012: Sustainability Studio (ENVIR 480) – Green Labs and Sustainability on Campus

May 18, 2012

ENVIR 480 Sustainability Studio

Autumn 2012: Green Laboratories and Sustainability on Campus

Taught by Megan Horst

TTH 10:30-12:20

SLN 13799

No prerequisites! Only an interest in sustainability and green labs required!

Help make UW’s laboratory spaces more environmentally-friendly! Did you know that laboratory facilities comprise about 13% of the UW’s building inventory – altogether almost 2.4 million square feet? Did you know that laboratories use significantly more energy and water, per square foot, than office and residential buildings? In response to this challenge, the UW Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office is launching a new Green Labs program. In Autumn 2012, ENVIR 480: Sustainability Studio, students will support this new program by engaging in projects such as:

· Pilot testing the new Green Labs tool with specific groups on campus
· Creating a framework for competitions among labs regarding resource use
· Conducting outreach to different lab groups on campus to create awareness about the program

· Developing a list of “how to” resources for the reporting tool

Want more information or have questions about the course? Contact the instructor, Megan Horst at horstm.





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