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Writing Center Workshops

January 29, 2014


Are you having trouble fitting your jobs and extracurricular activities on a one-page resume? Are you confused about how to write a resume that is going to be fed into a computer rather than read by a human being? Are you having difficulty targeting your cover letter and resume for a particular position? Well, the CLUE Writing Center is here to help!

The CLUE Writing Center will be conducting a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop tonight in Mary Gates Hall. Our workshop aims to guide students through the process of creating a resume and cover letter that highlights their relevant skills and effectively tailors their experiences to meet a potential employer’s needs.

Who is this for?

· All students applying for full time, part time, and holiday or summer employment.

What will participants learn?

· How to determine which personal, technical, and transferable skills to highlight

· Tips for determining employer needs

· How to analyze different resume formats and select one that best markets their skills and abilities

· How to create a tailored resume and cover letter

We hope to see you there!

6:00-7:00 pm in MGH 254

Winter Quarter 2014 Workshop Schedule:

Thursday, January 16th Statement of Purpose 7:00PM | MGH 238
Monday, January 20th Statement of Purpose 6:00PM | MGH 254
Tuesday, January 28th Resumes/Cover Letters 6:00PM | MGH 254
Wednesday, February 12th Resumes/Cover Letters 6:00PM | MGH
Sunday, February 23rd Resumes/Cover Letters 6:00PM | MGH
Thursday, February 27th Self-Editing 6:00PM | MGH
Monday, March 10th English 131 Outcomes Workshop 5:00PM | MGH
Tuesday, March 11th English 131 Outcomes Workshop 5:00PM |Poplar Hall 106
Wednesday, March 12th English 131 Outcomes Workshop 5:00PM |McCarty Hall 334
Thursday, March 13th English 131 Outcomes Workshop 5:00PM | MGH

New Stats Tutoring at CLUE: Sundays & Wednesdays

January 29, 2014

We just wanted to announce we hired a new Stats Tutor at CLUE!!

Stats tutoring will be offered every Sunday & Wednesday from 7pm-midnight in the 1st floor Commons in Mary Gates Hall, starting Sunday Feb 2nd (yes, Superbowl Sunday). Please let your students know as you talk to them and pass it on to any Stats faculty.

Wi Quarter Research Exposed!

December 17, 2013

Enroll in Research Exposed! for Winter Quarter (General Studies 391 D)

Research Exposed! (GEN ST 391 D) offers undergraduates an opportunity to learn about current, exciting research in a wide variety of disciplines, including the process of discovery, how faculty come up with an idea for research, how inquiry is structured in the different disciplines, and how students can become involved in the knowledge-making process.

Presentations by UW faculty focus on specific issues such as ethics and the culture of research. Students attend weekly, fifty-minute discussions and have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions following each presentation. This course may be repeated for credit (1 credit/quarter-3 quarters max); speakers and topics will vary.

See the UW Time Schedule entry:

Teach For America Application Support: Online Application Webinars THIS WEEK

December 17, 2013


Fourth Application Deadline: Friday, January 24

Learn how to apply and review the application timeline here.

Start your application here!

Online Application Webinars over winter break

Option 1 – Thursday, December 19 at 10:00 AM

Option 2 – Thursday, January 2 at 1:00 PM

Register here and mark your calendars!

Teach For America is developing a movement of leaders who will help drive change at every level of our education system toward the goal of closing the opportunity gap in America.These leaders start their paths as corps members who teach for two years in urban and rural high-need communities and help students make the academic progress that expands their opportunities. Deeply affected by their teaching experience, our alumni continue to advocate for students and build lasting change in many different roles and fields.

The Basics and Benefits:

  • All academic majors and backgrounds accepted
  • Regional placement is not random; applicants preference location in our 48 regions
  • All grade levels (preK-12) and subjects including ELL and SpEd
  • Salary ranging from $25,500-$51,000 a year with health insurance and retirement benefits
  • Possible Americorps Education Award of $11,100 and loan deferment/forbearance
  • Option to earn your certification and/or Masters in Education/teaching
  • Graduate school and employer partnerships for alum to continue their leadership and impact

For additional information, explore our katherine.kleitsch.

Plenty of room in FISH 101 Water and Society (NW/I&S) – Winter 2014

December 17, 2013

FISH 101: Water and Society (5), I&S/NW

SLN 14330; MWF 9:30-10:20, KNE 110; T or Th quizzes (times & locs vary)

FRESHWATER is: • Essential for life. • The oil of the 21st century. • Breeding ground of the most dangerous human diseases. • Losing species faster than any other ecosystem. • A reason to launch a war? Come learn about how, despite the abundance of water on Earth, freshwater is coming under increasing pressure as human populations increase and climate warms. Come learn about how social changes might reduce human impacts on fresh water systems, locally, nationally and internationally.

Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates
Profs. Daniel Schindler & Gordon Holtgrieve

NASA Opportunities

December 9, 2013

.) NASA national internships – One Stop Shopping Initiative (OSSI)

NASA is currently recruiting talented college undergraduate students, who are pursuing Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) degrees, for summer internships at NASA centers around the country.

The summer internship application is open and closes on March 1, 2014.
To apply visit the following URL:

Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium

Johnson Hall room 141

2.) 2014 Academic High-Altitude Conference

This is the 5th anniversary of this event and is hosted by the Department of Space Studies in the North Dakota Space Grant Consortium. This event takes place from June 23-27, 2014.

Visit the following URL to learn more about this opportunity:

3.) Reminder – $10,000 Astronaut Scholarship Foundation

UW STEM Students,

A kind reminder that the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) is offering a competitive $10,000 scholarship for University of Washington students who are in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) disciplines. Awardees will receive funding for their 2014-2015 academic year. A scientist/professor must send your nomination packet to Space Grant by February 7, 2014.

Be proactive and review the following URL for application details:

You may contact me regarding this opportunity at jcc5. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions may be found at the provided link above.

Juan-Carlos Chavez
Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium

Integrated Sciences Major Accepting Applications for Winter Admission!

December 9, 2013

The Integrated Sciences Major is Accepting Applications for Winter 2014 Admission

The Integrated Sciences degree is designed to meet the needs of undergraduates planning careers in secondary science teaching, informal science education at museums or other science institutions, science writing, or science policy and technology law, as well as students whose intellectual interests incline them toward a rigorous program of study across all the sciences.

Students can download instructions for completing our application and the application itself from the Integrated Sciences Program website. Applications are submitted online.

All application materials must be submitted by December 13th for entrance in Winter 2014.

Still working on completing our admission requirements? See our website for information on deadlines for entrance in Spring or Autumn 2014.

Questions about the Integrated Sciences major application? Contact Meghan Oxley, the Integrated Sciences adviser, at what.